Cheesy Mirchi Bhajis or Bites

Cheesy Mirchi Bhajis or Bites

Cheesy Mirchi bhajis, by seeing the name of the recipe itself, most of the Indians get their mouth water with the feeling of Mirchi bhajis taste and immediately they think to eat chili bhaji at any cost.

That is the power of Mirchi bhaji. Especially for south Indians, this is most lovable and non-forgettable recipe. We can take it as a snack in the evening or before tea time. This is one of the recipes to eat on rainy days or in the winter season. But for me, there is no season or time to eat bhaji, I can eat at any time, even now while typing this article also, I am getting the mouth watering. But, what to do?? I want to share this delicious spicy and crispy recipe with you all. As soon as I finish this article, I will prepare and it my cheesy Mirchi bhajis.

This is the very simple and good snack recipe, anybody can prepare in few easy steps. The following are the ingredients and step by step method to prepare the cheesy Mirchi bhajis at your home.

Now let’s see, what are the ingredients and procedure to prepare the Cheesy Mirchi Bhajis or Bites.


  • Indian bhaji chilies as you need, i.e one chili for one bhaji
  • 6 cheese slices
  • 1 small bowl of black and green olives
  • 1/2 bowl besan or gram flour
  • 1 bowl of rice flour
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil to deep fry


  1. Take the chilies and wash well and dry them with the cloth.
  2. Then slit the chilies with a knife on one side and deseed them properly.
  3. Now grate the cheese slices and slice the olives, then in a bowl mix both of them.
  4. In another bowl, mix besan flour, rice flour, and salt and add water slowly to form a thick paste. The paste should not be very thick, it should be like to make a coat on chilies.
  5. After that stuff the chilies with cheese mix.
  6. Now take a pan and heat the oil to deep fry the chilies.
  7. After heating the oil take the stuffed chilies and dip in flour paste and put into pan.
  8. Deep fry the stuffed chilies until they become golden brown color.
  9. The hot crispy and spicy cheesy Mirchi bites or bhajis are ready to serve.
  10. You can serve them with chopped onions and lemon piece to add extra taste to Bhajis.

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  1. I do believe everyone could learn a bit from your own experience.

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